Wood Chipper and Shredder Wear Parts

Wood Chipper and Shredder Wear Parts

Buying a perfect wood chipper and shredder can be a little bit difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. Fortunately, the industry has plenty of recycling machines to choose from, but you need to check quality. However after you get a perfect chipper, the next thing should about the wear parts. Once you have worked with your new shredder for a while, its wear parts will start wearing down gradually depending on the kind of wood you are chipping.

When the wear parts cannot cut efficiently anymore, and sharpening does not seem not to work, you need to replace them. However, the choice of the replacement is an important factor to consider. That is because there are numerous types of wear parts available in the market. Some of these options may be poor quality, and thus it won’t provide you with the same cutting performance as the original ones. That’s why original manufacturer wood chipper and shredder wear parts are popular with most user.

However, not all aftermarket products are of bad quality. There are some non OEM companies that have built an impeccable reputation. Companies such as Wear Parts China have built an impeccable reputation as manufacturers and suppliers quality aftermarket products. Wear Parts China has been operating for years. Over these years, we have diversified in our production. Today, we are producing for most of the major brands in the market.

Wear Parts China is not only producing for all the most prominent brands but also maintain the best quality. Our wear parts design using the specifications of the original tool. We have also invested in the highest grade material for the wear parts construction. Our wood chipper and shredder teeth tips are constructed for the highest grade of tungsten carbide while the body is steel alloys. We also use the highest grade brazing technology in making our tools.

What makes our non OEM wear parts popular even more than the original one is the quality.  Our customer satisfaction is one of the best. We offer customized services for all the popular brands in the market. That is something that most original manufacturers do not offer. In addition, we do cold, and hot forging, brazing tungsten carbide, and tungsten carbide hard facing services for all wood chipper and shredder wear parts.  We have a vast collection of major wood chipper and shredder brands in the maker. Check out our collection, and you will be impressed by what we have for you.